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Pilates Of The Page

Pilates is all about strengthening your core through extending and lengthening exercises. It does a body good I I'm hoping for similar results when applied in a bookish fashion. We all have at least one genre that gives us the willies for whatever reason and limits us as a readers or reviewers. In this reoccurring segment we're going to stretch ourselves by reading genres and/or authors we ‘re uncomfortable with to try to become stronger readers. We won't review the books since we're biased, instead we aim to share our laughter, gripes, joy, and pain with you conversationally and we hope you'll chime in with your thoughts on the books we work-out, your genre no nos,and suggestions for us to read. Heck, maybe you'll accept the challenge yourself share your findings here or link to your blog post about it. What do we hope to gain from this? 1) to discover awesome authors we're not reading. 2) to overcome our general distaste for a particular genre 3) to, if we're lucky, glean enough of the genre feel to review other books like this So to get this ball rolling I'll be wrestling with Historical Romance. Scarred by the truly toxic " To Whitney, My Love" at the tender age of 16; I've avoided it like the plague for 8 years, until now. I'm getting some great suggestion on Twitter to start with and am open to more. My conditions: 1) a strong & intelligent heroine is a must 2)No Higlanders need apply. Reading brogue makes me vomit. 3)No B&D ( bondage and discipline), D&S ( Dominance and Submission).....or rape = / 4) Nothing too Angsty those aside, I'm game for any and everything. Mistress P S Just in case it helps, so far I've liked Mistress by Julia Quinn (my current fav of this experiment) & The Devil's Bride by Stephanie Laurens


Mistress Thursday, December 18, 2008 6:55:00 PM  

I've chosen my battle, The Raven Prince by Elizabeth Hoyt. Wish me luck and keep the suggestions coming = ). I'll get back with all the gory details soon.

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