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Storm Born by Richelle Mead

Eugenie Markham known as Odile (The Dark Swan) has the shamanic ability to send other-worlders (fairies and a whole host of other creatures) back from whence they came (they just go home no dying) or to hell (express train straight to dying;don't pass go don't collect $200) based on her mood. She’s a magical mercenary with kick butt attitude and a impressive body count. What does she do with her Bad Ass powers? Well really kool stuff, Duh!! Like stopping creepy spirits from haunting sneakers.The shit hits the fan when all of a sudden all the bad guys know her real name and *eeep* are after her goodies. That’s right her milkshake is bringing all the non human boys to the yard, despite the amount of fairy blood staining her hands. And she’s gonna kick their ass and find out what’s up.What’s a girl with trust issues to do when while trying to solve the mystery she’s faced with a Hawt were fox and Hawt fairy king both desperate for her luvin? Well since she’s more of a lady than me, not what I would do. which would involve a quick happy dance and yelling “ test drive!!” at the top of my lungs.• A woman’s work is never done; cause next thing you know she’s diving into the fray jumping worlds to save a human teenage girl whose been kidnapped by the gentry. * cues eye of the tiger* If she’s to succeed in any of her goals rescuing the girl, finding out why all these icky dudes are after her panties, and stay alive she’s have to question everything she knows about herself and learn to master a power she doesn’t want. The result is an entertaining blend of paranormal dynasty (the soap) meets the chronicles of Narnia . What could be better than torrid family secrets, water throwing, bitch slappin’ outrage, and epic fantasy? Umm very little, that’s what. This is obviously the beginning of a series and I’m sold. So yes I may poke fun.. but hurry up and read it!.


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