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The Devil You Know by Jenna Black

Something is inside Morgan Kingsley and it still makes me somewhat nauseous.I had a heap load of bones to pick with the first book in this series and no intention of enduring this one. But I decided for you, dear readers, to lie down and think of England. It wasn't nearly as bad as I expected but it's earned its place on my never read again list. That said lets get this party started So “ The devil inside” ended with Morgan’s brother in a catatonic state, Morgan still hosting the mighty demon king, the 3 musketeers saving her boyfriend from evils clutches, and me gagging over all the disgusting torture gives Adam a woody scenes. So you wonder, what’s going on in “The Devil You Know”? Well little miss exorcist is still the Kings host. Surprise surprise her bro wakes up then proceeds to be as unhelpful and whiny as possible. Of course the scary villain with a chumps name (I mean c’mon it’s a lil hard to tremble in fear at the coming of the Dastardly “ Dougal”) is still after Lugh,his kingness, which results in Ms. Morgan trying to outwit some big muckity muck Demon uber hunter. To add to the fun she moons over her love for Brian incessantly while refusing to make any attempt to be with him. It probably says something about me how many times I wished for irksome Brian’s demise; but I’m only human. Thankfully Adam keeps it in his pants so to speak; so no nasty pain porn. Which resulted in me actually enjoying his presence in this novel.Actually “enjoy” is too strong a word. Let me rephrase; things were more interesting when he’s around. All that said there were some notable improvements: more action in this novel (which was sorely lacking in the last book) and we learn more of Morgan’s past. This book was OK, better than the first and undeniably shows promise, but not one my favorites.


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