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What A Rogue Desires by Caroline Linden

I don't feel like writing a full review today so I decided to take a leaf out of Dear Author's book and write my thoughts in a nutshell through poetry (or nursery rhyme, more like)

After a wayward youth, David Reece, the youngest scion in a noble family, has been called one of the most scandalous rogues of the ton. What he wants to be called is trustworthy and a true gentleman. To prove he has reformed he's agreed to watch over his absent brother's estate and signet ring. All is going swimmingly until highwaymen waylay his coach and steal that precious ring...

Street orphan Vivian Beecham has grown up a pickpocket, and a very pretty one indeed. Now she and her brother have reluctantly graduated to highway robbery. And handsome David Reece has become their victim - until he tracks her down and makes her his prisoner. Locked in a spare bedroom, Vivian vows to hate her captor. Instead she becomes a former rogue's greatest challenge: the object of a passionate seduction. But David and Vivian are playing a dangerous game in which forbidden love is a wild card...
There was a thief named Viv
 Who stole goods to live
 She encountered a chap
 who she took for a sap 
and robbed him blind of his ring.

 There was a rogue named Reece 
Who only wants for some Peace 
He kidnapped a girl 
Who thought him a churl 
then proceeded to fall in love. 

There was a reviewer named reader
 Who reads novels as a breather
 She picked up a book
 and not once thought the hook
 would be Stockholm Syndrome in historical romance.


Mistress Wednesday, February 18, 2009 3:26:00 AM  

LMAO I freaking love it R. Stockholm syndrome indeed. = )

I read a historical way back when that this plot reminds me of. She lived with a band of thieves (but only the leader knew she was a female) and they crash balls, blend and steal the hosts blind. I forget how but the hero catches her and threatens to expose her unless she meets him at his castle( or some shiz) with a red rose(that she'll have to some how steal of course) and spend the week. It was pretty cheesy but I loved it at the time.

I'm just glad Historicals seem to of gotten over the kidnapped/bought her for a ho/concubine... only to realize all the while he wanted a wife *gags*

Reader Wednesday, February 18, 2009 6:54:00 AM  

lol! Thanks guys. Poet, I am not.

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