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Underground by Kat Richardson

Unexplainable creepy stuff is hell on relationships in general I assume. When the man you love runs away from you into the night like a little bitch then it really sucks to be you. But Seattle’s homeless are showing up dead and partly eaten; so put a rain check on that breakdown. Cause it’s time to get some answers and kick some ass. As a favor to a mysterious friend a private investigator starts looking for whom or more likely what is preying on the destitute. All the victims are undergrounders, a sub group who traverse the maze of building remnants and passageways beneath the streets and live off the grid; homeless by circumstance or choice. Harper’s near death experience was not the touched by angels white light affair. She now can see and interact with the gray, the very threads of magic, and the ghost, monsters, and plethora of other creatures who are made of it. There may be something to the crazed old woman’s mumbling of zombies. Something is connecting Native American: legends, curses, & monsters with tragic deaths in the city’s history. Harper needs info from the big boys to make sense of this aka the areas vampires. And isn’t there always a debonair master vampire who sweats axe body spray. Not that I’m complaining. Well this ones name is Edward and he’s just how I like my vamps sly, dangerous, and with ulterior motives. The eternally tortured, forever mate seeking, knowing love at first sniff or suck types; can eat stake and die in my opinion. Where was I … oh yeah Edward is cold as ice and scary as fuck..*sighs* yummy (I know I have issues heh heh) Kat Richardson’s writing is so masterful I wanna have her babies. It’s equally as rare to find such well fleshed side characters also interesting in their own light. Sharp and intricate Urban Fantasy that bleeds mystery, danger, folklore, and magic to the reading masses in the best possible way


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