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Nightwalker by Jocelyn Drake

Nightwalker is the first book in the Dark Days series and it's definitely off to a great start! The book begins with a familiar formula: super vampire leader vs. big bad vampire hunter. However, we quickly learn that this isn't your run-of-the-mill Vampire and Hunter duo. Oh no……they both have some very unique qualities. The lead character is Mira, a 603 year old Nightwalker (aka Vampire) who is the Keeper of her domain (Savannah, GA). She moved to the New World a century ago to have a bit of freedom from the Elders who live in the Old World. Mira is known as "The Fire-Starter" because of her ability to control fire. Yes, quite the contradiction we have here – fire is supposed to be deadly to vampires yet here is one that is immune. Apparently, it's an ability that Mira had before she was turned and is actually one part I wished would have been explained further. Where did she come from, who is her family and was she the only one to have this ability? Hopefully it will be further explored in the next book. Ok, back to the matter at hand :-) Enter the new hunter in town, Danaus, also known as "The Butcher" because he has killed numerous Nightwalkers in his search for Mira. But their first meeting doesn't turn out as expected – he isn't there to kill her but to gain information about The Naturi. The Naturi is the stuff of nightmares for Mira. She was captured by them 500 years ago and tortured because she refused to join them and use her unique ability to destroy all other Nightwalkers. She was rescued by three vampire Elders known as the Triad who defeated those Naturi and sent them to another world, closing the door with a sort of magical seal. There were still some Naturi left on the Earth and some who sought to re-open the door to free the rest of the Naturi. Knowing this would mean the end of mankind and all other races on the earth, Mira and Danaus decide to work together to stop this from happening. They know their only option is to reform the Triad but there's a slight problem, one of the three Elders is dead. So with time running out, will they find another to complete the Triad and defeat the Naturi? We also find out some history regarding Mira's turning and who exactly is her Maker – this information led me to one conclusion regarding the Triad but in the end I was very much mistaken (I was very glad because I just hate when things get predictable). We also learn Danaus has some unique abilities of his own. Who, or rather WHAT is this guy? I also liked the play between Mira and Danaus – not too much, not too little…just the right amount of tension for two people who should be enemies but are starting to realize just how alike they truly are. I'm looking forward to seeing how their interaction plays out in future books.


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